What’s the difference between electroplated and vacuum brazed?

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Date: Jan 08,2016 View:

Electroplated diamond tools have a single layer of diamond on the tools,Once the layer of diamond is worn down,the tools is used up and it is time to purchase a new one.But it’s sharpness for marble,ceramic,soft tile and so on.And it needs water when using,some place cannot find water,it’s not convenience for some customers.It can make any diamond grit as the customer’s request.It is not limited on the mold.The customer can make their own style.
Vacuum brazed diamond tools use the special metal bonding and under the vacuum environment make the diamond brazed on the tools,So it will be more fastness than the electroplated tools.More important,it can dry use.It can work at the bad environment.And it’s high efficiency.The work life also longer than the electroplated tools.